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Aspiring Educators

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As an aspiring educator, you have a range of educational opportunities to choose from in NYC. Spring and Summer are the times when you should decide which type of teacher preparation program to apply to, register for certification exams, and/or search for teaching jobs. Certification is required if you want to teach in New York City Public Schools, so registering for certification exams should be a priority if you have completed a 4-year education degree or are finishing your graduate degree.

On this page, you will learn about ExpandED Schools' upcoming Educator Career Development trainings. We also offer one-on-one career support to assist you in making decisions and preparing for your career.


ExpandED Schools is offering eligible 2023-24 Pathways Fellowship candidates and alumni a one-time honorarium of $150 to help defer costs associated with preparing to become a teacher. The financial assistance can be used for application fees, examination preparation, examination fees, and other associated costs, by approval. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Dana M. Wheeler, Program Director, Education Career Pathways.

Gaining More Experience Working With Youth

If you are already an education major, you may need to complete fieldwork or student teaching before graduating. You can also enhance your experience by tutoring students or working in an afterschool program to gain practical experience working with students and fostering community in diverse learning environments. ExpandED Schools partners with afterschool programs and day schools that offer enrichment to students.

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